The Best Water Filter Ever


Fresh and Pristine Like a Mountain Spring


Independent Laboratory Results Prove Toxin Removal


50-90% Less Expensive Than Other Filters BUY THE BEST WATER FILTER EVER

The Best Water Filter Ever


The Best Water Filter Ever earns its name in every way.

  • Great Taste
  • Independent Laboratory Testing
  • Long Lasting
  • Saves You Money
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The Best Water Filter Ever earns its name in every way.

Great Taste
We’re so sure you’ll love it we back it with a 90 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Independent Laboratory Testing
Verified Removal of contaminants including fluoride, pharmaceuticals, chloramines, lead, arsenic, nitrates, iron, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria and more.

Long Lasting
For a family of four with average water quality your filter may last more than 11 years!

Saves You Money
At 4.7 cents per gallon the cost is less than half of other leading filters.

Planned Obsolescence Ends Here

Durability and Longevity are hallmarks of the Best Water Filter Ever.

How many times have you spent your hard earned money on something only to find out the product was designed to be useless within a short period of time? Planned Obsolescence was intentionally created by Victor Lebow in the 1950’s as a way to use all of the excess manufacturing capacity created for World War II. Industry began to design their products to break. That’s right, there was a concerted and direct effort to make products that would end up in the landfill so consumers would have to buy more.

With the Best Water Filter Ever you won’t have to worry about planned obsolescence any more.

Our foolproof patented design traps all of the teeny tiny toxins safely inside the center of the filter. If your water is still passing through your Best Water Filter Ever than you know it is functioning properly and safely purifying all of your water. When the water flow stops, it is time for a replacement.

The Best Water Filter Ever is engineered to last for 8500 gallons or more* which is about 6 times longer than most water filters and 200 times longer than a water pitcher.

Simplicity. Purity. Longevity. Confidence.

The Best Water Filter Ever earns its name in every way.

*8500 gallon tested is based upon average water. If your water contains sediment a pre-filter may be advisable to insure an extended service life for your Best Water Filter Ever. In one of our tests the Best Water Filter Ever was still functioning after 17,000 gallons so service life may be longer than anticipated.

Additional Information
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Filter + Installation Kit + Faucet (A complete system with all parts), Filter + Installation Kit, No Faucet (for those with an existing faucet), Filter By Itself (replacement filter)

Easy Installations

Easy Installations

If you or a loved one is handy with do it yourself projects installing the Best Water Filter Ever will be easy. If this type of project is outside your comfort zone, we suggest hiring a plumber. Over the years we’ve learned there is an art to proper plumbing and as such we encourage you to make sure your installer is skilled with this art as the customer is solely responsible for any leaks.

We recommend installing your Best Water Filter Ever with a dedicated drinking water faucet as filtered water is unnecessary for washing dishes. Please note, all orders for the complete kit include a faucet so you don’t need to get one as long as you order the complete kit.

Filters ordered with a faucet contain the chrome version of this faucet. If you have a dedicated drinking faucet already, we encourage you to order your Best Water Filter Ever without a faucet as drinking faucets are interchangeable. If you prefer a specific drinking water faucet, Amazon has a wide variety of choices such as those available through this link

Filter comes with ¼ inch outside diameter quick connect fittings for easy installations.  For more information, read the following instructions or watch the video.   

Specifications & Certifications

Specifications & Certifications

An application has been submitted for NSF 42 and NSF 53 certifications. We are awaiting their confirmation and will publish the results when they are available.

All components selected in accordance with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) codes for products that contact foodstuffs.

All products are 100% tested for membrane integrity and leak tightness.

Filter housing: Medical grade ABS
Waterflow: 12 L / min at 20-150 psi;
Dimensions: Length 7.25 inches, width 1.5 inches
Safe for hot water.

Quantity Discounts / Affiliates / Wholesale / Institutional

Quantity Discounts / Affiliates / Wholesale / Institutional

Our approach to discounts, affiliate programs, wholesale and institutional accounts is wrapped up in one simple idea: the more you buy the more you save. To purchase at discount prices, simply add the quantity desired to the shopping cart and check out.

For Friends and Family: Purchase 4 or more and Save $50 Each.
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